Studio Policies

The following guidelines are intended to communicate a clear understanding of the issues and expectations between Artesana Pottery and the students.  Please read carefully before enrolling in a course or workshop.  By signing up for a course or workshop you understand and agree to our studio policies. Thank you for your support.


Artesana Pottery is taking appropriate precautions to accommodate current issues concerning Covid-19.  Space in between wheels will be provided as is appropriate cleaning of the studio after every use as it has always been a practice in my studio. 

Please be advised that hands on guidance will not be provided during this time. This will make the learning process a little more difficult but not impossible. I will of course continue to provide demonstrations and continuous support as this has always been my teaching philosophy. 

Mask Update:  Continuing respect for each other and our community, mask use will be optional at Artesana Studio. We will continue to stay home when not feeling well and we appreciate your support by doing the same. 

Tuition Full tuition is required to hold a spot. Tuition is not broken down into individual classes.  Please read under each service you sign up for to understand what is included under your tuition fee.

What is included in your 4 week class fee Your monthly class fee includes two hours of instruction a week,a total of 4x, weekly open studio hours during the month of class enrollment, use of studio glazes, a cubby and shelf to store your work and tools, and two firings each with 300 cu inches of space for your work.  PLEASE NOTE: ANY WORK THAT IS NOT COMPLETED AND FIRED DURING YOUR MONTH OF ENROLLMENT WILL NEED TO BE REMOVED AT THE END OF YOUR CLASS. PLEASE TRY TO COMPLETE ALL YOUR WORK A WEEK BEFORE THE FIRST FIRING.  THANKS

Refunds and Cancellations on 4 week courses  : There is no refund for cancellations received with less than 7 days notice.  Cancellations received between 7-14 days before beginning of session will be refunded at 50% plus a $25 processing fee.  Cancellations received with 14 or more days before session starts will be fully refunded minus a $25 processing fee.

Refunds and Student Cancellations on a one day workshops, clay hangouts and skill workshops

Full refund minus a $20 processing per spot is provided with at least 48 hour notice. No refunds with less than 48 hour notice. 

Pick up of work Any work done during a one day workshop or 4 week class should be picked up a week after is fired.  Any work left in the studio a week after is ready for pick up will be placed outside the studio  in the free bin.  

Missed classes  We do not provide make up classes.  

Youth pottery classes Youth pottery classes are special classes.  These classes do not include open studio time but run for 5 weeks.  These classes include use of glazes, 300 cu in of kiln space per firing, use of studio tools (you may purchase your own pottery tool kit), 5 days of instruction and individual shelf space to store your work. Clay is not included. 

Open Studio Time  Studio time is only available during the hours set by the studio and it is only open to current students taking adult courses. No open studio time available for Youth classes. There are only 4 wheels available so please be mindful of your time at the wheel if other students are waiting . During open studio students work independently and without guidance. Open studio is not available to one day workshop participants. If you are not comfortable using the studio independently, please refrain from using it until you feel comfortable with its proper use and maintenance. There is no guidance during this time .   

Community shelves and student cubbies Students are provided a cubby and a small shelf during a 4 week course.  Please keep tools, clay, and personal items within the space provided to you.  Do not store extra materials in empty shelves or on the floor around the studio.  We also ask students to keep their space clean and free of dry clay to minimize dust in the studio.  

Studio Maintenance  Students are responsible for cleaning after themselves and leaving the studio in the same way it was found. Managing the resources provided is also important in our studio maintenance.  Proper use of water and materials is expected. It is important to keep the studio dust and clutter free as a health and safety practice. Surfaces and floors should be cleaned with a wet sponge and mop. Do not sweep floors or wipe dry surfaces. We are a small community of students and working potters and our mutual respect for each other and space we all share and love to use is important to our enjoyment of the studio.  Thanks so much.

Damaged equipment If you damage any equipment (splash pan, wheel, slabroller, wedging table) we ask you to kindly replace what you have damaged.  If your glazed pieces are not properly cleaned and they damage a kiln shelf, you will be charged the value of the shelf ruined in order to replace it.  We try to avoid these situations by asking students and participants to read and be clear on the studio policies and to ask any questions if you are not sure on how to use any part of the studio.  

End of session At the end of your 4 week session, please remove all materials, tools, personal items and work (finished or unfinished) from the studio.  Any items left after a course has ended will be discarded. 

Firing Fees Firing fees are .05c per cubic inch.  All fees should be paid before the firing of your pieces. 

4 week course cancellation due to low enrollment  A course will be cancelled if the projected enrollment is not met. In the event on cancellation from our part, a full refund will be provided and you will be informed within 48 hours of a course starting. 

Class cancellation due to inclement weather.  Artesana Pottery will cancel due to inclement weather based on advice that is followed by the Hudson County School districts.  Please check you emails/texts for class updates on the day of your class.  A class cancellation on our part will be rescheduled. 

Other things to mention

Artesana Pottery has the right to kindly ask anyone who does not follow our views and studio policies and is disrespectful to others and staff to discontinue their courses and connection with our studio.   

We also hold the right to update and change policies, fees, prices and other items without notice. 

Our main goal is to provide a safe fun space where we can all grow in our craft.  We want to provide a space where we all feel happy and fortunate to practice pottery.  These guidelines are just that, simple guides to keep the studio functioning in a way that serves everyone.